Arkhangelsk Branch News

Ice Moving by the Arkhangelsk Branch Icebreakers

According to the address of The Federal State Water Management Institution «Dvinaregionvodkhoz» on April 20 Arkhangelsk Branch icebreakers Kapitan Chadaev and Kapitan Evdokimov started ice moving in the esturial part of the Severnaya Dvina River.

These operations are performed by the Arkhangelsk Branch before driving of ice starts in the delta and upstream of the Severnaya Dvina River which is expected in the last days of April according to the forecast of the FSBI “North Weather Control and Environmental Monitoring Service”.

The icebreakers will clean out the Arkhangelsk Seaport waters from ice which will accelerate ice melting and help to avoid ice blocking and, therefore, water-logging and flooding of the surrounding area.

Ice moving operations will be performed until April 28.