Arkhangelsk Branch News

Change of the seaport of Naryan-Mar Water Area Borders

By the Russian Government Order No. 2123-r dated 07.10.2016, the seaport of Naryan-Mar water area borders have been changed,

Changes are related to exclusion of section occupied by the lake Kachgort from the seaport of Naryan-Mar water area.

Currently, vessels do not use this water section to pass from the Pechora river through the canal into the lake Kachgort to berths located on the shores of the lake.

For reference:
The Arkhangelsk Branch in the seaport of Naryan-Mar renders:
- Pilotage services;
- Towage services;
- Crew boats services;
- Navigational aids installation and maintenance services;
- Geodesic and cartographic services.
More detailed information on the full list of services offered by the Arkhangelsk Branch in the seaports of Arkhangelsk, Mezen, Naryan-Mar, Onega and Sabetta can be found in section “Services of the Arkhangelsk Branch”.