Arkhangelsk Branch News

Start of Severnaya Dvina Dredger Operation

From August 16 to October 1, Severnaya Dvina hopper dredger, which was recently transferred to the Arkhangelsk Branch management, performed dredging in the approach channel and operating water area of the seaport of Sabetta.

During the dredger operation, dredging was performed on the area of 0.8 km2 with bringing bottom marks to -15.1 meters on the approach channel and to -12.7 meters on the operating water area. In total, Severnaya Dvina dredger excavated about 220 thousand m3 of soil from the bottom and transported it to the established area of the underwater dump.

Dredging was conducted under difficult meteorological conditions: wind storm to 12-15 m/s, waving up to 2 meters, fogs, and continued navigation in the areas of dredging.

As a result of dredging, Severnaya Dvina dredger achieved the designed parameters on the excavated areas, in accordance with the initial technical assignment for conduction of dredging.

On October 7, the dredger returned to the seaport of Registration – the seaport of Arkhangelsk, where, after replenishment of vessel’s stores, immediately started dredging on the canal of the Mudyug towers range together with Arkhangelsky dredger of the Arkhangelsk Branch.

During the period of operation in the seaport of Sabetta, the vessel demonstrated high seaworthiness, maneuverability and controllability. In the difficult conditions the full automation of the dredger allowed the crew consisting of just 11 people to achieve high performance of operation.