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Arkhangelsk Branch Fleet Replenishment

Solovki workboat joined the Arkhangelsk Branch fleet. The boat was transferred from the Astrakhan Branch management in accordance with FSUE “Rosmorport” order No. 355 dated 27.07.2016,

Solovki workboat of STAN LAUNCH 804 project was constructed this year at the OOO “Onezhsky Ship Building and Ship Repairing Plant” (a limited liability company located in Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia).

The vessel became the 2nd pilot boat and the 16th vessel in the fleet of the Arkhangelsk Branch.

The advantages of this type of vessel are: small size and maneuverability, comfortable workplace of boatmaster and good construction quality, cost-effective and reliable engine.

The Arkhangelsk Branch plans to use the vessel in the seaport of Onega to deliver pilots on vessels, as well as for servicing aids to navigation installed in the water area and the approaches to the seaport.

For reference:

Solovki workboat was constructed in 2016 in the OOO “Onezhsky Ship Building and Ship Repairing Plant” in Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia.

The vessel was named in honor of the coast-dweller name of the Solovetsky Islands - Solovki, the largest archipelago in the White Sea according to its area.

Main technical specifications of the vessel:

Vessel class:



Molded depth:



Engine power


Area of navigation


Number of transported

special personnel


8,62 m

3,77 m

1,3 m

1,3 m

13,5 tons

89 kW

7,1 knots

coastal navigation of the 4 category

1 person

1 person