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Construction of the Root Section of the South-Eastern Ice Protection Facility in the Seaport of Sabetta Completed

Acceptance Committee of FSUE “Rosmorport”, which also included  representatives of Rosmorrechflot (Federal Agency for Marine and River Transport), design contractors and the general contractor, in the period of 19 to 20 April undertook a range of activities to accept the completed construction of the Root Section of the South-Eastern Ice Protection Facility (SEIPF) Including the Artificial Plot of Land and Coastal Protection (coast protection facilities at sections I, II, III and IV).

Construction of the facility for which FSUE “Rosmorport” acted as the state customer, was carried out in the frame of realization of the major investment project on building of seaport facilities near the Sabetta settlement on the Yamal Peninsula, including creation of a navigable approach canal in the Gulf of Ob under the “Marine Transport” subprogram of the Federal Target Program “Russian transport system development (2010-2020).”

The facility was designed by JSC “LENMORNIIPROEKT” and the construction and installation works were carried out by the general contractor JSC “Mezhregiontruboprovodstroy”.

The length of the root section of SEIPF is about 3 km. The design of the SEIPF root section envisages the formation of an artificial land plot with an area of 14.75 ha, bordered on the perimeter by vertical and inclined coastal protection. Coastal protection at sections I, II and III is vertical piles of 1420 mm diameter with the space in-between filled with AZ28 rabbeting and coastal protection at section IV is made of 300 mm thick inclined reinforced concrete slabs.

The construction works were carried out in the period of November 2014 to March 2016 in severe climatic conditions with temperatures down to -50° C, wind loads with gusts up to 25 m/s and storms.

Federal budgetary allocations to the enterprise for the construction of this facility have amounted to 10.95 million rubles.

The evaluation of the completed construction and assembly works by the Acceptance Committee has determined that the construction of the facilitywas made in accordance with the design solutions, met the sanitary and epidemiological, environmental, fire, and construction norms, rules and state standards; the members of the Acceptance Committee have signed the Acceptance Certificate of the completed project according to form No. KS-14.