Arkhangelsk Branch News

Arkhangelsk Branch Renders Crew Boat Services in the Seaport of Onega

The Arkhangelsk Branch informs that in the seaport of Onega the branch is starting to render services for provision of the Arkhangelsk Branch MZ-135 vessel to all interested parties for general service purposes, in particular for delivery to (removal from) vessels of: crew members, maritime agents (representatives of maritime agents), commission members of checkpoint through the Russian Federation state border, documents, products, cargoes and other goods.

More detailed information on procedure and conditions of rendering crew boat services by the Arkhangelsk Branch in the seaport of Onega, as well as in the seaport of Arkhangelsk, Naryan-Mar and Sabetta can be found in section “Crew Boat Services of the Arkhangelsk Branch” in Moscow in December 2016.