Arkhangelsk Branch News

Boundaries of the Sabetta Seaport Waters Amended

By order No. 1795-r dated 12.09.2015 and order No. 1964-r dated 03.10.2015 of the Russian Government changes were made to the boundaries of the Sabetta seaport  waters.

In particular, adjustments are related to the inclusion in the water are boundaries an additional area (area No. 2) for construction of Salmanovsky (Utrenny) oil and gas condensate field located in the territory of the Tazovsky district of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area in the Northern part of Gidansky peninsula and partly in the Gulf of Ob, in the vicinity of the South-Tambeysky field and area No. 1 of the seaport of Sabetta.

Currently, in area No. 2 of the seaport of Sabetta there is undergoing the construction of a sea terminal – berthing facilities intended for reception and unloading of construction materials and supply cargo aimed at Salmanovsky field development. The planned volume of transshipment of general, bulk and liquid cargo at three berths of the marine terminal is 140 thousand tons per year.

The construction of the marine terminal will contribute to the development of transport infrastructure to exploit the resources of the Arctic, and further – to create stable export channels for Russian oil and gas.

Also, by orders of the Russian Government clarifying corrections were made to the final list of areas of Sabetta seaport waters, which currently form three areas: area No. 1 – in the South-Tambeyskoye gas field development area, area No. 2 – in the Sarmanovsky field development area, and area No. 3 – in the Novoportovskoye oil field development area.