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Off to a Good Start – Arkhangelsk Branch Performs First Ice Pilotage Support

In October 2015 ice pilots of the Arkhangelsk Branch made the first ice pilotage support of vessels in Northern Sea Route water area on the route seaport of Sabetta – seaport of Murmansk. Ice pilots of the branch provided necessary assistance to the captains of three marine vessels with gross tonnage from 5 to 29 thousand tons, sailing under a foreign flag, on the assessment of ice conditions and gave recommendations on safe navigation during their transfer to the seaport of Murmansk.

Ice pilotage support of vessels without ice strengthening was provided by the ice pilots of the branch from the Sabetta seaport water area timely and safely.

This kind of services is new for the enterprise.

By order No. KS-314-r of Rosmorrechflot dated September 3, 3015 Articles of FSUE “Rosmorport” in September 2015 and then by the order of the FSUE “Rosmorport”   Arkhangelsk Branch Statute were amended correspondingly.

As a part of preparatory work on the organization of new directions of authorized activity in accordance with the recommendations of the FSI “Administration of the Northern Sea Route” the Arkhangelsk Branch drafted and approved the Regulation on the provision of services for ice pilotage of vessels on the Northern Sea Route by ice pilots of the Arkhangelsk Branch, as well as a training program for ice pilots.

Among the most experienced maritime pilots of the Arkhangelsk branch pilotage service 5 candidates, who successfully passed the final examination for the title of ice pilot. On the basis of the attestation results of the FSI “Administration of the Northern Sea Route”, they were given an ice pilots certificate, and information on the FSUE "Rosmorport" Arkhangelsk Branch were included into the list of organizations providing ice pilotage in the Northern Sea Route.

More detailed information on the procedure and conditions of ice pilotage support of the Arkhangelsk Branch in the Northern Sea Route water area can be found in section “Pilotage Services of the Arkhangelsk Branch”.