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Arkhangelsk Branch Starts Providing Pilotage Services in Sabetta Seaport

From February 2015 the Arkhangelsk Branch started providing pilotage services for vessels calling at Sabetta Seaport.

Pilot service of the Arkhangelsk Branch consists of 6 certified pilots whose professional skills are proved by pilot’s license of categories 1 and 2 that allow to provide pilotage for vessels of all types and sizes.

The first pilotage in Sabetta Seaport was provided on 8 February 2015 for Indiga tanker that carried diesel fuel cargo of almost 10.9 thousand tons. All number of pilotages to Sabetta Seaport accomplished by the Branch runs up to 4.

More information on procedures and conditions of pilotage services provision in Sabetta seaport is available in section «Pilotage Services of the Arkhangelsk Branch».