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Winter Navigation Opened in Sabetta Seaport

In accordance with Regulation of Acting Master of Sabetta Seaport dated 18.10.2014 No. 12/2014, due to formation of ice in the basin of Sabetta Seaport and approaches to it, from 18 October 2014 winter navigation 2014-2015 is opened in Sabetta Seaport.

After the opening of the winter navigation Sabetta Seaport receives only vessels complying to the Northern Sea Route Vessel Access Criteria according to Vessel Ice Category stipulated by the Navigation Rules on the Northern Sea Route. In particular, navigation in the Northern Sea Route basin is prohibited for vessels without an ice category, and with categories Ice1-Ice3, consequently, such vessels cannot call at Sabetta Seaport from 16 November till next July.
As the summer navigation ended, the dredging, which was conducted in Sabetta Seaport from 2 August till 17 October, was also completed. The dredging and auxiliary vessels went to the seaports of registration.

During the summer navigation 2014 more than 21.5 million cubic metres of soil were dredged in the sea canal and the seaport basin. All in all, from the start of the dredging in Sabetta Seaport in 2012, the total amount of extracted soil exceeded 33.3 million cubic metres, which makes more than a half of the total amount of dredging planned by the project for the construction of the underwater hydraulic engineering structures in the seaport from 2012 till 2016.

Meanwhile, construction and installation works in Sabetta Seaport were not interrupted. At present the Arkhangelsk Branch performs construction of a control and corrective station (GPS and GLONASS differential station), a warehouse for aids to navigation and an open area for maintenance of aids to navigation. In November 2014 it is planned to start building of the root section of the south-western ice protective structure.

Apart from dredging and construction in Sabetta Seaport, from July till October 2014 the Arkhangelsk Branch provided ship master advisory services to 191 vessels, which called at the seaport.

For more information on the terms and conditions of shipmaster advisory services, please, turn to the section “Ship Master Advisory Services of the Arkhangelsk Branch”.