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Bull Trout Juvenile Fishes Released into Onega River

By order of the Arkhangelsk Branch on 23 October 2014 the fishing company FSBE “Sevrybvod” released the bulltrout juvenile fishes into the Onega River in order to compensate for the damage incurred to the water biological resources during repair dredging works in the Arkhangelsk Seaport basin in 2011–2012.

The young fishes were released near the Porog village in Onega district of Arkhangelsk region, in presence of the Arkhangelsk Branch experts. The fishes were delivered to the place of release by a special car.

All in all, more than 16 thousand young bull-trout fishes were released by order of the Arkhangelsk Branch. The total cost of the compensation activities for reproduction and release of the juvenile fishes by the Arkhangelsk Branch reached almost 3 million roubles.

In opinion of the FSBE “Sevrybvod” experts, the current weather conditions will have a favourable effect on the fishes’ survival ability in new conditions. In particular, having recently started, the extensive ice formation will protect the young fishes from air predators, whereas the underwater predators have already become inactive because of the low water temperature in the river.