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Lead Sea Tug Alexandr Kuchin Starts Work in Sabetta Seaport

On 3 October after more than two weeks of towing, the lead sea tug Alexandr Kuchin came to Sabetta Seaport from Arkhangelsk Seaport. The towing convoy had to stop three times and wait for better weather because of the hard hydrometeorological conditions on the route, as the wind speed in the Barents sea reached 30 metres per second, and the waves reached 5-7 metres in height.

After the successful arrival of the tug to Sabetta Seaport and completion of the functional tests by its crew, on 5 October the tug started working in Sabetta Seaport basin.

The Arkhangelsk Branch with the use of the Alexandr Kuchin tug offers towing services during mooring operations and crew boat services, including services on delivery of ship masters’ advisors to vessels calling at Sabetta Seaport, to interested organizations.

For more information on the tariffs for towage services, tariffs for crew boat services and tariffs for ice advisory services offered by the Arkhangelsk Branch in Sabetta Seaport, please turn to the section “Harbor Dues and Tariffs of the Arkhangelsk Branch”.
For information:
The Alexandr Kuchin lead sea tug was built in 1987 in the town of Azov. It took name after the Russian polar researcher Alexandr Kuchin.

General characteristics:
Vessel class:
Stress on hook:
Main propulsion
system power:    
23.4 metres;
5.88 metres;
2.6 metres;
1.88 metres;
3.2 tons;
232 kWt;
6 people