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New Compulsory Regulations in Arkhangelsk Seaport Approved

The Order of Mintrans of Russia dated 09.07.2014 No. 183 approved compulsory regulations in Arkhangelsk seaport.

New compulsory regulations in Arkhangelsk seaport establish:
- rules regulating entry and departure of vessels in Arkhangelsk seaport, and also navigation and moorage rules in the seaport, including navigation and moorage in ice;
- rules for environmental safety insurance, quarantine observance in Arkhangelsk seaport;
- rules for use of special means of communication on the territory of the seaport and in its waters.
The compulsory regulations in Arkhangelsk seaport also include information about:
- the territory of obligatory pilotage in the seaport;
- minimum quantity and power of tow boats needed for vessels mooring;
- seaport roads, coastal navigation beacons and fairways with depths description of the Arkhangelsk seaport waters, and fairways dimensions for vessels navigation under unmovable bridge spans;     
- vessels anchorage and berths protected from ice motion, and ice-crossings;
- A1 and A2 sea areas borders for Global Maritime Distress and Safety System and for safety insurance;
- the seaport facilities in the area of vessels acceptance; 
- navigational and hydrometeorological information transfer to masters of vessels staying in Arkhangelsk seaport, and information transfer to them in case of a threat of unwarranted interruption in the seaport
and other information regulated by normative legal acts of the Russian Federation in the field of merchant shipping.  

In comparison with the previous compulsory regulations dated 15.02.2007 acting in Arkhangelsk seaport, approved by FGI “Arkhangelsk seaport Administration”, the new document version is totally revised and adjusted to the standard requirements for the structure and content of the seaports compulsory regulations approved by Mintrans of Russia.

Among other things, according to the new compulsory regulations, GMDSS service area covers the whole territory of Arkhangelsk seaport, and procedures for obtaining permit to start motion in the seaport waters which, according to the new compulsory regulations, are applied for directly to the GMDSS of Arkhangelsk seaport.

Moreover, in the new document the speed of vessels is reduced, except high-speed dynamically supported vessels, from seven to six elbows in the most difficult areas of the waters from Krutokolennyi marine light to the Udelninsky front navigation mark, and in Kuznechiha river from handling area “Economia” in the confluence of rivers Maymaks and Kuznechiha up to Rosneft Arkhangelsknefteproduct turning basin.    
Besides, the new compulsory regulations prohibit navigation of vessel with length of 100 meters and more and with hazardous cargo on board, and of vessels with length of more than 135 meters and draft of 7.5 meters and more along the navigational Mudyugskie towers at wind velocity of 14 m/s and more.     

The Order of Mintrans of Russia about approval of compulsory regulations in Arkhangelsk seaport will come in force in accordance with established procedure in 10 days after its official publication.