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New Compulsory Regulations in Mezen Seaport Approved

The Order of Mintrans of Russia dated 09.07.2014 No. 184 approved compulsory regulations in Mezen seaport.

New compulsory regulations in Mezen seaport establish:
- rules regulating entry and departure of vessels in Mezen seaport, and also navigation and moorage rules in the seaport;
- rules for environmental safety insurance, quarantine observance in Mezen seaport;
- rules for use of special means of communication on the territory of the seaport and in its waters.

The compulsory regulations in Mezen seaport also include information about:
- the territory of obligatory pilotage in the seaport;
- the seaport territory and the territory of quarantine anchorage;
- technical facilities of Mezen seaport in the area of vessels acceptance;
- transfer of navigational and hydrometeorological information to the vessels’ masters staying in Mezen seaport, as well as information transfer to them in case of a threat of unwarranted interruption in the seaport
and other information regulated by normative legal acts of the Russian Federation in the field of merchant shipping.

In comparison with the previous compulsory regulations acting in Mezen seaport, approved by the head of Mezen commercial seaport in 2002, the new document version is totally revised and adjusted in accordance with the standard requirements for the structure and content of the seaports compulsory regulations approved by Mintrans of Russia.

Among other things, information on vessels entry into Mezen seaport is presented in different order, as well as the scheme of vessels location and navigation in the seaport.

Moreover, in comparison with the previous document, there is a change in sizes of vessels that are allowed for entry into Mezen seaport, in draft – from 4.5 to 4.2 meters, and in width the vessels’ size is limited by 16 meters.

Besides, new compulsory regulations allow cargo handling of fuels and lubricants and 4.1. and 4.2. hazard class goods on the territory “Mezen inner harbor” and on berths of the seaport, which previously were carried out only on seasonal (operating for some period during the year) berths near Morozilka village.

The Order of Mintrans about approval of compulsory regulations in Mezen seaport will come in force in accordance with established procedure in 10 days after its official publication.