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Arkhangelsk Branch Team Participate in Summer Spartakiad

The Arkhangelsk Branch sports team has taken part in the annual open summer spartakiad organized by OJSC “Arkhangelsk Trade Sea Port”.
Sports events confined to the professional holiday – Marine and River Fleet Employee Day – and dedicated to 430-year anniversary of the port city of Arkhangelsk have been held at the Mayak recreation center.
The competitions in weightlifting, arm wrestling and medley relay have involved six teams representing the stevedoring companies of the seaport, as well as the Arkhangelsk Customs team.
The Arkhangelsk Branch team in a bitter and uncompromising struggle has won the 3rd prize in medley relay being the main form of the competitions.
In the individual competition the Arkhangelsk Branch employees Ilya Poloschuk, Artyom Yegorov and Andrey Prigalo in arm wrestling have taken the 2nd and 3rd prizes in the weight category up to 80 and 90 kg correspondingly.