Arkhangelsk Branch News

Information on Arkhangelsk Seaport in the Register of Russian Seaports Amended

By Rosmorrechflot Regulation dated 21.04.2014 No. AD-154-r the information on Arkhangelsk Seaport in the Register of Russian Seaports was amended.
The amendments are connected with the update of the main technical characteristics of Arkhangelsk Seaport in general and the parameters of separate marine terminals in the port.
Amendments to the register introduced by Rosmorrechflot Regulation are also caused by the inclusion in it of information about the new operators of marine terminals, which operate in Arkhangelsk Seaport. In particular, the register now contains information about the FSUE “Rosmorport” Arkhangelsk Branch and technical characteristics of the berths, which can be provided by the branch to the interested organizations for the safe anchorage of vessels without loading and unloading works on them.
For information:
Besides the berth provision services, the Arkhangelsk Branch in Arkhangelsk Seaport also offers the following services:
- VTS services;
- pilotage services;
- icebreaking services;
towage services;
- services on provision of crew boats;
- sunk objects elevation services;
- navigation aids installation and maintenance services;
- geodesic and cartographic services.