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Positive State Environmental Expert Review of Project for Construction of Sabetta Seaport Facilities

Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage (Rosprirodnandzor) by its order dated 17.02.2014 No. 95 approved the environmental expert review stating compliance of the project documentation “Construction of Seaport Facilities Near Sabetta Village at Yamal Peninsula, Including Creation of a Navigable Approach Canal in the Ob Mouth” to the requirements of the Russian environmental legislation.

The project documentation elaborated by JSC LENMORNIIPROYEKT had already been submitted to state environmental and construction expert reviews. Positive reviews of the state expert environmental and construction committees had been approved, according to the established procedure, by Rosprirodnadzor and Federal Autonomous Establishment State Expert Evaluation Department of Russia (Glavgosexpertiza).

The state environmental expertise committee conducted another review of the project documentation because it had been amended concerning:
- constructive solutions for the planned construction of ice protective structures;
- creation of an artificial land plot in the seaport for a technological highway comprising the system of liquid natural gas and gas concentrate transshipment to vessels with the deadweight up to 100 thousand tons;
- division of dredging works performed during construction of the sea and approach canals into stages in order to optimize their costs by coordination with the construction deadlines of the liquified natural gas and gas concentrate plant.

After receipt of a positive state environmental expert review the project documentation was submitted to Glavgosexpertiza for the review of its compliance to the construction requirements established by the Russian legislation.
For information:
More information on the course of construction of the federal property facilities in Sabetta Seaport performed by the enterprise can be found in the section “Development of Port Infrastructure Facilities by Arkhangelsk Branch”.