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Vessels with Nuclear Powerplants and Radiation Sources Authorised to Call at Sabetta Seaport

By Government of Russia Regulation dated 22.01.2014 No. 54-r Sabetta Seaport has been included into the list of Seaports of the Russian Federation, where port calls of vessels with nuclear powerplants and radiation sources are permitted. Sabetta Seaport became the 16th seaport in the list, which was approved by Government of Russia Regulation dated 06.01.1997 No. 14-r.

The decision is amied to provide the possibility to call at Sabetta Seaport for the nuclear icebreakers performing ice escorts of merchant ships carrying materials for the construction of gas extraction and liquifying plants, as well as coastal and port infrastructure facilities at the Yamal Peninsula. The necessity to use nuclear icebreakers is connected to the fact that during winter navigation diesel icebreakers are not always able to provide escorts in the harsh arctic conditions of the Kara Sea.

It became possible for the nuclear icebreakers to call at Sabetta Seaport due to the massive dredging works conducted by the FSUE “Rosmorport” Arkhangelsk Branch last year at the navigable approaching canal in the Ob Mouth and in the operational basin of the seaport. The works were conducted in the framework of the project for construction of federal property facilities in Sabetta Seaport. Before that small depths did not allow icebreakers of such kind to call at Sabetta Seaport. In 2013 the seabed level at the approaching canal was degraded to -12.4 meters, and the existing navigation limits were eliminated.
For information:
Apart from construction of the federal property facilities, the Arkhangelsk Branch provides advisors to consult the ship masters going to Sabetta Seaport on navigation safety issues.

In 2013 the services were provided to 58 vessels, which makes 26 % of the total number of vessels, which had called at Sabetta Seaport.