Arkhangelsk Branch News

Onega Seaport Boundaries Amended

By Government of Russia Regulation dated 17.12.2013 № 2390-r the boundaries of Onega Seaport have been amended.

According to the amendments, area No. 3 in the mouth of the the White Sea – Baltic canal, located at the top of the Sorokskaya mouth of Onega Bay of the White Sea.

The amendments are aimed at increase of the navigation safety level, and will allow to exercise administrative and regulatory powers in the area, as required by the merchant shipping legislation of the Russian Federation, over mixed navigation vessels (river-sea) coming from the White Sea – Baltic canal and passing area No. 3 to enter the White Sea, including passenger vessels going to the Solovetsky Archipelago.

For information:
The Arkhangelsk Branch uses 4.1 sq. kilometers of water facilities, which makes 0,48 % of the total water area of Onega Seaport.