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State Border Checkpoint Established in Sabetta Seaport

By Government of Russia Regulation dated 26.11.2013 No. 2203-r a marine cargo permanent multilateral Russian Federation state border checkpoint has been set in Sabetta Seaport.

Rosgranitsa is assigned to accept the state border checkpoint stage by stage, in accordance with the established procedure.

Sabetta Seaport is being constructed in order to provide transshipment of raw hydrocarbons of the South Tambey gas condensate field located in Yamal and delivery of natural gas, oil, and gas condensate by sea transport to the countries of Western Europe, North and South America, and the Asia and Pacific region. The reason for setting the border checkpoint is that from July 2014 Sabetta Seaport will be handling supplies of equipment and materials for the construction of a complex for extraction, preparation, liquifying and transportation of natural gas and gas condensate of the South Tambey field.
For information
FSUE “Rosmorport” carries out construction of the federal property facilities in Sabetta Seaport, including creation of a navigable approach canal. Detailed information on the progress of the project implementation is available in the section “Development of Port Infrastructure Facilities of the Arkhanglesk Branch”.