Arkhangelsk Branch News

Winter Navigation Opens in Arkhangelsk Seaport

In accordance with Arkhangelsk Seaport Master Regulation dated 05.11.2013 № 04/1-04/52 winter navigation in the Arkhangelsk Seaport water area starts on 10 November, 2013 at 0:00 MSK.

Meanwhile, the Arkhangelsk Branch has completed all the necessary preparations for winter navigation.

In particular, the Arkhangelsk Branch pilotage service has conducted all the planned activities, and is now absolutely ready to provide pilotage assistance to vessels, which are allowed to call at Arkhangelsk Seaport during winter navigation.

The branch has set out the buoys, which can be used year-round, prepared the machines to be switched to the winter mode (in conditions of low temperatures), and accumulated necessary amount of fuel for the far-fetched facilities of the branch, including the VTS facilities of Arkhangelsk Seaport, which are used to supervise navigation in the VTS coverage area, in order to increase the navigation safety level, efficiency and ensure protection of human life at sea and of the marine environment and coastline in the Arkhangelsk Seaport water area and its approaches.

The Arkhangelsk Branch vessels have been prepared for sustainable work in low temperatures, and checked for preparedness to work in autumn and winter seasons. Also, exercises for vessel survivability and liquidation of emergency oil leaks have been conducted at all vessels, and the plans for emergency oil leaks liquidation have been updated.

All port icebreakers of the Arkhangelsk Branch have undergone necessary repairs and are fully ready to provide icebreaking assistance to vessels heading to/from Arkhangelsk Seaport, and also during their navigation in the White Sea. The start of the icebreaking period will be announced later by Arkhangelsk Seaport Master.