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Rescue Exercise in White Sea

Arkhangelsk Branch on September 5, 2013 took part in the planned exercise at the White Sea water zone in the area of the Mudeyug Island in search and rescue of people in distress at sea, organized by the Federal State Institution "Arkhangelsk Seaport Administration" Maritime Rescue Sub Center.

Under the exercise scenario, during the liquidation of nominal fire broke out on one of the vessels two crew members suffered burns and six more fell overboard.

The exercise plan prescribed testing the readiness of warning systems and workup of interaction between the management of search and rescue capabilities in the search and rescue of people, the implementation of measures to provide medical assistance to the victims and evacuation of people from the disabled vessel and from the sea surface.

The Arkhangelsk Branch was represented in the exercise by the Lebedin multi-purpose boat the crew members of which participated in search for the distressed people, provided the quick approach of the vessel to them in order to create favorable conditions for the work of rescuers to lift the victims out of the water.

Despite the poor visibility caused by the morning fog all the tasks of the exercise have been successfully completed and the rescue services of the Arkhangelsk region participated in the exercise proved their professionalism and consistency in carrying out rescue operations in the search and rescue area of the White Sea.


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Specifications of the Lebedin multi-purpose boat
Class KM*[1]HSC
Maximum lenght 13,98 m
Maximum width 4,32 m
Displacement 15 t
Draught 1,24 m
Speed 22 knots
Power 484 kWt
Crew capacity 2 persons
Passengers capacity 6 persons