Arkhangelsk Branch News

Summer Navigation Opens in Arkhangelsk Seaport

The master of Arkhangelsk Seaport by his regulation dated 07.05.2013 № 04/1-04/25 decided to complete winter navigation and open summer navigation in Arkhangelsk Seaport from 00.00 (GMT+4) 11 May 2013.

The mentioned regulation cancels almost all limitations on the ice class of vessels in Arkhangelsk Seaport. However, as ice is still present in the White Sea, it is prohibited for vessels not having the Ice 1 rank to leave Arkhangelsk Seaport to the White Sea until a special regulation of the Arkhangelsk Seaport master is issued.

During winter navigation of 2012-2013 the Arkhangelsk Branch provided icebreaking assistance to vessels going to the Arkhangelsk Seaport. The icebreakers of the branch provided assistance to 346 vessels going to or leaving Arkhangelsk Seaport, which carried more than 1.8 million tons of cargo.