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Arkhangelsk Branch takes part in the IV Winter Spartakiad

The team of the Arkhangelsk Branch employees and their families headed by the team leader A.Y. Bogunov, chief of the sea channel service of the Arkhangelsk Branch, took part in the IV Winter Spartakiad, which was held by Arkhangelsky Morskoy Torgovy Port on March 2, 2013 at the Mayak recreation center. Five teams representing port organizations competed in 7 sports: arena footbal (men), Lappish footbal (women), sledging, ski race (women), ski race (men), tug of war, and darts.

The members of the Arkhangelsk Branch team took I and III places in the men 5-km ski race, II place in the women 3-km ski race, and II place in darts among women. As a result the branch team won silver medals in team placing for ski races and darts.

The branch teams won bronze medals in arena football and Lappish footbal yielding silver medals only because of the goal difference

The Arkhangelsk Branch management congratulates all the branch employees, who took active part in the competition.