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Lebedin motor boat set into operation

The Arkhangelsk Branch set into operation the new multi-purpose boat, Lebedin, of the MPB14 Project, constructed on the FSUE's request by Moskovskiy Sudostroitelniy i Sudoremontniy Zavod, P.C.

In August, 2012 the vessel was delivered to the FSUE "Rosmorport" Arkhangelsk Branch by autotransport and was launched after the diesel plant installation. Manufacturer's specialist executed all the necessary setting works and after sea trials the Acceptance Certificate was signed.

Lebedin MPB, which was named after the Lebedin Island, located in the Northern part of Severnaya Dvina river delta, will be used for implementation of several tasks:
- inspection of waterways' condition, the Arkhangelsk Branch navigation means servicing;
- crews, commissions and passengers transportation to vessels at the sea port of Arkhangelsk reid;
- cargo (<0.5 tons) transportation;
- pilots' delivery and reception to/from a vessel, pilot maintenance at waterways,
and for other purposes.

The boat's technical characteristics allow to operate Lebedin in river's deltas, coastal areas of high and inland seas, straits, port water areas (50< nautical miles away from a shelter).

Additional information: 

Lebedin – multi-purpose boat of the МРВ14 project.
Class KM*[1]HSC
Maximum lenght 13,98 m
Maximum width 4,32 m
Displacement 15 t
Draught 1,24 m
Speed 22 knots
Power 484 kWt
Crew capacity 2 persons
Passengers capacity 6 persons