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Arkhangelsk Branch Icebreakers Receive Maritime Labour Certificates

In August 2013 the Maritime Labour Convention adopted by the International Labour Organization in 2006 and ratified by 30 countries, including the Russian Federation, entered into force.

The document embraces all the existing norms of the international conventions and labour recommendations in the maritime field, and is aimed at provision of respectable working and living conditions for the seafarers at the ships of the countries, which ratified the Convention.

In accordance with the requirements of the Convention, commercial ships of 500 gross tonnage or over engaged in international voyages shall carry and maintain a maritime labour certificate and a declaration of maritime labour compliance. Failure to meet the requirements of the Convention can be a ground for detainment of a ship in ports of the countries, which ratified the Convention.

In order to meet the international requirements, the Arkhangelsk Branch took necessary measures to receive the documents proving compliance of the branch's icebreakers to the Convention. The Russian Shipping Register carried out certification and issued maritime labour certificates for the Dikson and Kapitan Kosolapov icebreakers, which certify that the seafarers’ working and living conditions at those vessels correspond to Russian Federation national requirements summarized in the Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance, Part I.