Anadyr Branch Major Activities

       In accordance with the Statute for the FSUE “Rosmorport” Anadyr Branch the principal aims of the branch are as follows: 
     • creation, maintenance, operations and development of federal property assigned to the FSUE “Rosmorport” Anadyr Branch; 
     • execution of works (rendering services) in the seaports of Anadyr, Beringovsky, Egvekinot. Pevek and Provideniya; 
     • implementation of federal target programs of marine transport development. 

     To fulfill the set targets, the FSUE “Rosmorport” Anadyr Branch carries out the following types of activity, permitted by its Statute:
     • arranges efficient usage of federal property secured to the Anadyr Branch; 
     • lets out for lease the property secured to the Branch, sees that it is safe, properly maintained, and used appropriately and efficiently, and also that the lessees meet terms and conditions of their leasing contracts; 
     • ensures safe operation of the hydraulic engineering structures, navigation safety systems and other port infrastructure objects secured to the Anadyr  Branch in the seaports of Anadyr, Beringovsky, Pevek, Providenia and Egvekinot; 
     • participates in development and agreement procedure of projects of integrated development of the seaports of Anadyr, Beringovsky, Pevek, Providenia and Egvekinot, in modernization and technical reorganization of transshipment complexes and special buildings and structures of coastal and port infrastructure; 
     • maintains in proper condition, provides functioning, conducts modernization and new construction of navigation safety systems, including the faciliites of areas A1, A2 of the Global Marine Distress and Safety System, located at Mount. Maria and Russkaya Koshka spit near Anadyr Seaport, including sea areas A3/A4 in the Northern Sea Route water area situated within the water and land boundaries of Anadyr Seaport, and locaed at anchoring berths, roads, fairways and approaching canals, including the Azovo-Donskoy sea canal water area; 
     • executes installation and technical maintenance of navigational equipment in the approaching canals and water areas of the seaports of Anadyr and Egvekinot;
     • renders all types of services on navigation safety, maneuvering and mooring of vessels on the approaches and in the water areas of the seaports of Anadyr, Egvekinot and Provideniya, in particular: 
        - performs pilotage of vessels in the seaports of Anadyr and Provideniya;
        - performs towage of vessels in the seaports of Egvekinot and Provideniya;
        - provides safe mooring of vessels at berths in Egvekinot Seaport;
     • performs functions of ship owner:
        - renders services with the help of auxiliary vessels;
     • participates in provision of transportation security of the basins of the seaports of Anadyr, Beringovskiy, Egvekinot, Pevek and Provideniya;
     • carries out security and firefighting activities in the buildings and objects of the branch;
     • provides economic and information security of the branch.