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Employee of North-Western Basin Branch Kaliningrad Directorate Awarded

Under Resolution No 184 of October 13, 2017 taken by the Central Council of the All-Russian Volunteer Fire Organization chief manufacturing engineer of the railroad ferry complex in Baltiysk Yuri Alekseyevich Klimenko has been awarded with the Medal “For Contributing to Creating Volunteer Fire Service”. The medal has been given to Yuri Klimenko for his contribution to setting up a volunteer fire service.

The solemn awarding ceremony was held in the Kaliningrad regional office of the All-Russian Volunteer Fire Organization (VDPO) on October 27, 2017. Chairman of the VDPO Kaliningrad regional office Nikolai Koshkin has handed out the award to Yuri Klimenko.

The enterprise congratulates Yuri Klimenko on his award and wishes him success in his further work.