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“Kronshlot” Vessel Starts Dredging Operations in Kaliningrad Seaport

At the beginning of March, 2017 new North-Western Basin Branch “Kronshlot” dredger started dredging operations in Kaliningrad seaport.

According to Dredging Operations Schedule 350 thousand cu m of bottom soil are expected to be extracted with the use of the vessel in 2017.

Repair dredging will be conducted along the Kaliningrad Sea Channel from the picket 222 to the two-level bridge in Kaliningrad including Kaliningrad Seaport berths and harbors.

First priority for “Kronshlot” will be conducting dredging operations in one of the most drifted areas of the Kaliningrad Sea Channel between 290 and 320 pickets.

A dredge station for the reception of the extracted soil is situated at the 339 picket of the Kaliningrad Sea Channel. With its help the extracted soil is discharged into the coast dump through the shore pipe system.

For reference:

“Kronshlot” dredger was built by “Zavod Krasnoe Sormovo” PJSC (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) in 2016.

The vessel was named in honor of Kronshlot station which was the first frontier of Saint-Petersburg built in 1704 to protect the city from invasion from the sea.

Kronshlot station is an object of the cultural heritage of the Russian Federation.

Main technical characteristics:

Vessel class: КМ    Ice1R1
Length overall: 61,35 m;
Width overall: 14 m;
Hull height: 5 m;
Draft: 4,25 m;
Gross tonnage: 1 663 tons;
Cargo hold volume: 1 000 m3;
Maximum dredging depth: 20 meters;
Dredging equipment capacity: up to 1 000 m3 an hour;
Navigation area: А1, А2, А3;
Rate of sailing: 10 kt;

Main propulsion system capacity:

1492 kW;
Crew: 12 people.