Nadezhda sailing ship round-the-world voyage 2016-2017

Nadezhda sailing ship round-the-world voyage 2016-2017

Маршрут кругосветного путешествия парусника Надежда

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    In 2016 Nadezhda training sailing ship started its round-the-world voyage.

    On June 28, the Frigate, having exited from the seaport of Vladivostok, headed for the Black Sea, where on September Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta was held.

    Vessel’s transition took over two months. During this period, Nadezhda crossed the Indian Ocean and called at three foreign seaports.

    During the Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta, the frigate was fighting for the first place with another 27 sailing ships of different class. Vessels passed over 1,000 nautical miles. In total, over 1.5 thousand sailors took part in the competition. Following the results of the overall standings, the frigate took the second place, having ceded leadership to the fastest sailing ship in its class – Mir frigate.

    Now, Nadezhda sailing ship is heading for Kaliningrad for preparation to participation in the “Rendezvous – 2017” Transatlantic Tall Ships Regatta, after which the vessel will head for Vladivostok through the Panama Canal and the Pacific Ocean. The frigate will return to the home port only in the end of September next year.

    Almost during all the round-the-world voyage, Nadezhda STS sails. Students of maritime educational institutions help the master and crew to handle with the sails. On board of the vessel, cadets acquire necessary primary skills to work in fleet and master the art of sailing.

    From the start of the round-the-world voyage, 291 cadets of G.I. Nevelsky Maritime State University passed training practice on board of Nadezhda STS. Now, 108 cadets from Institute of Water Transport named after G. Y. Sedov (Branch of the FSBEI HE “Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University”) are on board. Transoceanic transition will also take place with direct participation of students.

    The route of the round-the-world voyage of the sailing ship was planned based on routes of explorer travelers of previous centuries and no doubt will take its rightful place in the history of Russian sailing trips.

    For 15 months of navigation, the frigate will visit 15 seaports of 11 countries. Nadezhda sailing ship is to pass over 25 thousand nautical miles full of adventures and unforgettable experience.

    This expedition will become the second circumnavigation in the sailing ship history and will be timed to celebration of the 25th anniversary of the frigate.