Our dynasties

Antsiferovs labor dynasty

Antsiferov Yuri Valentinovich is a motorman of the Vavchuga mark boat of the FSUE “Rosmorport” Arkhangelsk Branch.


He was born in Arkhangelsk on June 30, 1961. His labor employment linked with the sea started in 1979. Upon completion of Technical College No 8 he was conferred the qualification of a ship’s motorman I Class and ship’s engine fitter II Category. He started the work in the Arkhangelsk Commercial Seaport. Upon the service in the Navy he continued working in the seaport of Arkhangelsk.


In 1944 he was transferred for job to the Maritime Administration of the seaport of Arkhangelsk and then to the FSUE “Rosmorport” Arkhangelsk Branch. At present, he works as a motorman I Class and an able-bodied seaman of the Vavchuga mark boat.


Over the years of his work he has been marked for professionalism, the reliable and conscientious labor and multiple letters of gratitude prove this.



Yuri Valentinovich enjoys prestige in the FSUE “Rosmorport” Arkhangelsk Branch. His considerable experience and the knowledge of specifics allow Yuri Antsiferov to share his experience with the youth, including to his son, who continues the fleet’s traditions.


Antsiferov Yaroslav Yuryevich (son) is a shift captain mate and a shift engineer of the Spolokhi workboat.


He was born in Arkhangelsk October 22, 1985.


After he graduated from Arkhangelsk Marine Vocational School No 9 with the specialty of a ship repairer and in 2002 he entered Voronin navigation school for studies with the specialty of a ship engineer.


Upon completion of his studies he worked as an engineer in Ekotech-Bunker and in 2007 he was hired for job in the FSUE “Rosmorport” Arkhangelsk Branch as an engineer I Class – able-bodied seaman.


In 2017 he graduated from Voronin Arkhangelsk Navigation School with the specialty of ship navigation. From June 01, 2018 he works as a shift captain mate – shift engineer of the Spolokhi workboat. He is grateful to his father, Yuri Vladimirovich, who shared his skills, professionalism and his achievements. The Antsifesovs characterize their family by the following:

“The strong family traditions guarantee a firm basis for life. A dynasty can only occur if looking at fathers and grand-fathers one has a wish to receive the same profession and master it up and down. Everyone should take interest in the history of the family and should feel connection with the ancestors. He should know that he is a descendant of honest, worthy and industrious people. Then he will have a supporter in his life and he won’t feel himself lonely”.