Socially Important Projects

Socially Important Projects

Children's Socially Oriented Project «My Port»


     In 2015 FSUE “Rosmorport” started developing a high profile social project, “My Port”.

     The enterprise set the task to carry out an education program aimed at contributing to patriotic education of the young generation and strengthening respect to the glorious historical past of Russia as the naval power. The participants of the project were given the unique possibility to visit the best children’s centers of the country – the Artek International Children’s Center and the Orlyonok Russian Children’s Center. In order to get a prize tour, it was necessary to pass the qualification phase and score better in a children’s competition. Over two years of the existence of the project hundreds of teenagers from throughout the country have taken part in the contest.

     Training at children’s centers has been organized by the following directions: GEO-Port, ECO-Port, TECHO-Port and Port-ART. The program envisaged conducting practical researches, quests, creating models and many other things that had allowed children to provide broad and clear insight into the world. The FSUE “Rosmorport” project helped children to acquire new knowledge and make new friends. The “port” concept runs like a golden thread through all the education program. The port is a starting point for new discoveries, learning the world in all its diversity and the site for acquiring new knowledge and new skills.

     In the course of training children studied maritime professions, learned to sail and read stars. They took the first steps in ship modelling.

     Experienced teachers and recognized foremost workers helped young sailors in all their endeavors.

     The project has been worked out due to methodological recommendations and pedagogical requirements. The project has been coordinated by the Russian Education and Science Ministry. 



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