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Nadezhda frigate takes part in Far East Tall Ships Regatta

The major stage of the SCF Far East Tall Ships Regatta started in the seaport of Yeosu (South Korea) on September 4, 2018.

The start of the first stage of the race has been postponed to September 4 due to a storm. The typhoon that kept the vessels from starting the competition in time was not dangerous for vessels of Class A, but other participants could get in perils of the sea while covering their distance.

During the upcoming run, the northwester is expected to be 10 knots. The sailing ships will move by the wind. The winner will be identified in the final standing. The fastest vessel does not come first in every instance. Seagoing capacities and competence of crewmembers are assessed in this case.

One of the most experienced participants in the regatta and odds-on favorite, the Nadezhda frigate, has lined up for the start jointly with other vessels from world different countries. The regatta started by announcing “all sails ahoy!”

The Nadezhda sailing ship has become one of the first vessels to start the race. The joint actions taken by crewmembers and cadets helped cover the frigate with snow-white sails in under 30 minutes.

Totally, the first Far East Tall Ships Regatta involves about 40 vessels from Russia, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, and New Zealand. They’re going to make a non-easy passage from Yeosu to Vladivostok where the participants in the regatta are planning to arrive on September 9.

“Maritime Brotherhood and Cooperation” is the official slogan of the regatta. In addition to cruise yachts of Class C and Class D, five big training sailing ships of Class A and Class B with traditional rigging have lined up for the start of the first stage of the race with a distance of about 600 nautical miles.

The Nadezhda has arrived in Yeosu in advance to prepare for the competitions and take part in the regatta events. While mooring in the seaport the frigate has warmly opened its board for all comers. Cadets of the industry’s educational institutions undergoing training aboard the vessel have conducted excursions for the visitors. Young sailors showed the sailing ship’s construction and lifestyle aboard one of the most beautiful ships to the guests and spoke about maritime professions. Visitors had a lucky opportunity to attend the command bridge, stand abaft the wheel, and see cadets’ cabins and classrooms.

Moreover, crewmembers of the sailing ship took an active part in executive and sailing parades, as well as sports events, which are traditional for sailors. Cadets of the Nadezhda frigate won in all competitions. The sailing ship’s crew had no superior in tugging war and lifting kettlebells. The cadets also won in the football competitions and the medley relay. A colorful parade of ships, which have participated in the parade, was held August 28. Under the regatta program, fairs, musical concerts and performances have been held in the Korean resort city during all the days of the regatta. The guests and residents of Yeosu could take part in these events.

The major goal of the regatta is to heighten the youth’s interest in maritime professions, to promote healthy lifestyle, and to support maritime education, and develop international cooperation and good-neighborly relations.