FSUE “Rosmorport” sailing ships complete navigation

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FSUE “Rosmorport” sailing ships complete navigation

Two remarkable events have united the seaport of Kaliningrad and the harbor of Sevastopol on November 30, 2017: on this day, the Mir and the Khersones sailing ships finish navigation and sum up the results of navigation training undergone by cadets of maritime education institutions.

Solemn parades have been held on the decks of the legendary frigates on the final day of training. The captains of the sailing ships – Andrei Orlov and Dmitry Teslenko gave the send-off speech and congratulated cadets on the successful completion of training and the execution of sailing tasks. Representatives of the FSUE “Rosmorport” branches, Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping and Admiral Ushakov State Maritime University came to  support the young sailors.

Training aboard the FSUE «Rosmorport» sailing ships is conducted pursuant to international and national requirements on training of crew members of vessels. In addition to navigational census, acquiring professional competences by cadets in accordance with the 1978 International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers is one of the priorities of training.

During the voyage, the cadets studied marine navigation, the operation of ship power plants, as well as ship electrical equipment and automation equipment. For several months of training future jack tars passed thousands of miles, tested their endurance, gained experience and acquired the secrets of sailing work. They studied key structural components of the vessel, international and national documents on navigation safety, mastered skills of mooring and anchoring equipment, trained skills of watch keeping and the procedure for using rescue boats and rafts. Training is also aimed at making contribution to maintenance and repairs of the ship.

During the 2017 navigation, over 500 cadets underwent training on the two frigates of the enterprise. A total of 396 cadets underwent training on the Mir and 214 cadets underwent training on the Khersones sailing ship.

All acquired competences have been recorded in the Register of Watchman and Efficient Deck Handman Training aboard the ship.

FSUE “Rosmorport” jointly with sectoral education institutions organizes and conducts training on the enterprise’s sailing ships that helps increase the workforce capacity, which is the key resource for developing the country’s transport system.