The Mir Sailing Ship Welcomed in Kaliningrad Seaport

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The Mir Sailing Ship Welcomed in Kaliningrad Seaport

The Mir sailing ship called at the seaport of Kaliningrad on November 24, 2017. A total of 132 cadets of Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping are finishing their training aboard the legendary frigate.

For more than two months, cadets have studied marine navigation, the use of ship power plants and shipboard electrical equipment, and automation equipment. Twelve girls jointly with young men have been acquiring the skills of sailing aboard the legendary frigate.

During the voyage, the cadets passed thousands of nautical miles, put their endurance to the test, gained experience and acquired the secrets of sailing. In October the cadets visited the French port of Bordeaux. Then the frigate left for the Bay of Biscay where it hit the unfavorable weather conditions. However, this did not prevent it from continuing the training. The sailing ship had to be adrift in La Manche for several days: the severe gale prevented the frigate from putting to the North Sea. The crew trained the sailing all hands evolution command on the approaches toward the Kattegat and the Skagerrak straits. The weather in the Baltic Sea allowed the cadets to prepare for training exams and the English exam. However, the nautical voyage presents not only the romantic appeal and travels but also the severe daily schedule and discipline. In order to prepare for calling at the seaport of Kaliningrad the cadets made painting and cleanup of the deck.

Despite the fact that the ship has returned to the port training does not end. The cadets will continue learning the essentials of maritime affairs. Upon completing of the training they will pass exams.

Upon completion of the voyage the cadets will receive a document confirming navigational experience. But acquired knowledge and skills, maritime toughness, the skills to work and live under the rules of the real crew will become the most valuable asset.

The Mir sailing ship is a training three-master ship (it is considered “a frigate” under the classification of training vessels or “a ship” under rigging – a full-rigged ship).

The Mir was launched at the Gdansk shipyard “Stocznia Gdanska” (the Republic of Poland) in 1987. The same year under the USSR flag the frigate left for its first voyage to the port of registry – the seaport of Leningrad.

Throughout the years the sailing ship won victories in the most prestigious sailing regattas. The front wall of the vessel's sea pilot house is decorated with the symbols of the regattas in which the sailing ship took part. The sea-line with the colors of different competitions runs from the main deck of about fifty meters up to the top of the mainmast. The Mir won honor of the fastest sailing ship on the planet in these regattas. Officially the registered maximum speed of the frigate under the sails makes up 21 nautical knots (38,9 km/h). In 2010 the Mir made record of average speed at 11.3 nautical knots.