New floating pontoon bridge in Solomennoye residential area set afloat at Onego Shipyard

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New floating pontoon bridge in Solomennoye residential area set afloat at Onego Shipyard

A floating pontoon bridge in the Solomennoye residential area, Petrozavodsk, was set afloat at LLC “Onego Shipyard” on November 17, 2017.

The bridge presents an important transport corridor for local residents and tourists. This is the only acceptable route for medical ambulances, fire vehicles and water trailers, buses and shuttle buses, construction and cargo engineering.

Putting the object into operation will provide for contraflow lane reversal traffic for cars, passenger buses and trucks with gross weight of up to 30 tons, as well as pedestrian traffic and movement of small size vessels. The bridge will separate the northern part of Petrozavodsk Bay in Onega Lake from Logmozero Lake. In order to ensure ship movement, the bridge is expected to be rolled back by using an electric hoist. Technological solutions implemented construction of the facility guarantee its year-round operation amid climatic conditions of the region.

After the bridge is set afloat it will undergo proofness and heeling tests to determine displacement and the center of gravity. Upon receipt of all permitting documents tugboats will bring the 90-meter bridge to the installation site. The bridge is expected to be put into operation in mid-December 2017.

Leading dimensions:

Length of the floating section 90.75 m
Overall breadth of the floating section  7.8 m
Waterline breadth  7 m
Hull height 2.7 m
Draft 0.5 m
Light-ship weight 204 m
Load displacement  298 m
Gross capacity 598 tons

The bridge is equipped with the hydraulic motion control system, navigation lights and lighting, mooring spread, lifelines and salvage appliances.