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Mir sailing ship congratulates Le Havre on 500th anniversary

On August 30, 2017 the Mir sailing ship arrived at the seaport of Le Havre. The legendary sailing ship will take part in the Grandes Voiles du Havre holiday along with dozens of other major ships from different countries.

The maritime festival became a part of the grandiose celebration program devoted to the 500th anniversary of Le Havre, the major seaport of France.

During the celebrations, an open board will be opened on the ship. Excursions will be conducted for all comers. The ship's crew will tell the guests about the ship's construction and the style of life on one of the fastest and most beautiful vessels.

At present, a total of 132 cadets are undergoing training on the ship. Among them are 108 navigators, 13 engineers, nine electrical officers and two radio officers. Each of them carry out their tasks at sea: cadets keep the round-the-clock sailing and steering watch, take classes the selected specialty and English language. Each voyage of the ship is unique and provides its participants with opportunity to test their endurance and firmness and gain experience, as well as to acquire teamwork skills.

During the big sailing ships holiday in the city, the cadets and the crew of all the vessels will organize sportive competitions and try strength and speed.

The festival's visitors will have an opportunity to attend a fascinating program of the exhibition, musical concerts, performances and fairs.

The city festivities will last till September 3 and end with a colorful parade of the sailing ships' crews in which the cadets of the Mir sailing ship will take part. The festive fireworks will be held in the evening.

France's Le Havre is one of the first twin cities of St Petersburg. Twin relationship was established in 1965. For its part, the Mir sailing ship is a visiting card of Russia's naval capital. It has become the excellent supplement to the jubilee celebrations and an honorable decoration of the festival. Le Havre is a worldwide renowned port in the Atlantic. The port was founded by King Francis I of France in 1517. In 2005 the city was included in the list of UNESCO world cultural heritage sites.