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Meeting Devoted to Construction of Viktor Chernomyrdin Icebreaker held in St. Petersburg

On June 6, 2017 Rosmorrechflot deputy head Viktor Vovk chaired a meeting at LLC “Baltic Yard – Shipbuilding” in St Petersburg to focus on the construction of the Viktor Chernomyrdin linear diesel electric icebreaker of Project 22600.

The meeting involved heads and representatives of FSUE “Rosmorport”, JSC “OSK”, the Federal Autonomous Institution “Russian Maritime Register of Shipping”, CJSC “KB Vympel”, LLC PKB “Petrobalt” and CJSC “ElectroRadioAvtomatika”.

The participants in the meeting discussed the construction of the vessel and the need to organize additional events and take technical measures in order to increase the rate of construction of the icebreaker.

Upon completion of the meeting the participants took several decisions, which clarified the list of additional measures and the terms of their implementation. They also discussed measures to improve interaction between the Baltic shipyard and subcontracting design organizations.

Viktor Chernomyrdin is the prototype of the innovation project that is capable of becoming the platform for icebreakers of the next generation. It has several innovation decisions that mark it apart from icebreakers of the previous generation: high icebreaking capability and maneuverability, the system of dynamic positioning, the high level of automation, two helicopter complexes, the possibility to install a cargo crane of high lifting capacity (up to 150 tons). The icebreaker has a unique system of electric propulsion, which makes it possible to maintain control in full even while moving aft in ices. The icebreaker is built within the efforts aimed at implementing the events of the federal targeted program, “The Development of Russia's Transport System (2010-2020)” under Rosmorrechflot's order for FSUE “Rosmorport”.

The icebreaker was launched on December 30, 2016.

Main particulars:

Length: 147 m
Breadth: 29 m

Midship depth before the upper deck:

15,5 m

Lowest draft:

8,5 m

Full displacement:

about19 070 tonnes
Sea endurance: 60 days

Operational range with the speed of 15.8 knots:

22 750 miles

Speed in ice-free water:

from 15,8 to 18,3 knots

Power capacity:

25 MW
Crew: 38 people
Special personnel: 90 people

The vessel corresponds to DYNPOS-2 class by RS classification.