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Enterprise Senior Management

Andrey Vladimirovich


General Director of FSUE “Rosmorport”


Sole executive body of the enterprise, in charge of general guidance of its functioning and also manages day-to-day enterprise operation

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Andrey Vasilievich


Executive Director of FSUE “Rosmorport”


Day-to-day enterprise operation management

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Olga Andreevna


Deputy General Director for State Property Management of FSUE “Rosmorport”


Formation and implementation of unified enterprise policy in the field of property relations, land and water use

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Yakov Vladimirovich


Deputy General Director for economics and finance of FSUE “Rosmorport”


Formation and implementation of the united economic and financial policy, and united investment policy of the enterprise, formation of the strategy of enterprise's development and monitoring of its execution

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Oksana Anatolyevna


Deputy General Director of FSUE “Rosmorport”


Formation and implementation of the united tariff and pricing policy, organising of international and interindustry cooperation and interacting with mass media and the other non-governmental organizations, supervising compliance to the established procedures for financial planning and execution of the approved budgets

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Sergey Germanovich


Deputy General Director for Fleet of FSUE “Rosmorport”



Formation and implementation of integrated policy in the fields of ship building and ship repair management, fleet commercial and technical management of the enterprise

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Andrey Valerievich


Deputy General Director for Security of FSUE “Rosmorport”



Assurance of general and economic security, organization of informational and communicative technologies development at the enterprise

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Vladimir Vadimovich


Deputy General Director for Interaction with Executive Authorities of FSUE “Rosmorport”



Organization of interaction and representation of the enterprise interests at the federal executive authorities, at the subjects executive authorities of the Russian Federation and at local authorities

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Alexey Nikolaevich


Deputy General Director for Capital Construction of FSUE “Rosmorport”



Formation and implementation of a unified technical policy in the areas of organization of construction, reconstruction and repair of the enterprise port infrastructure objects

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Ekaterina Yuryevna

Chief Accountant – Head of department of accounts, statistics, taxation, reports and methodology of FSUE "Rosmorport"


Bookkeeping and cost accounting

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Victor Yurievich


Deputy General Director for Navigation Safety of FSUE “Rosmorport”


Formation and implementation of the enterprise policy in the sphere of navigation safety

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