Water Bodies and Land Plots

      For objects of real estate placement and in order to implement the basic activities specified in the FSUE “Rosmorport” Far Eastern Basin Branch Regulations, the Branch uses land plots and water bodies, located at the territory and water areas of the seaports of Nakhodka, Olga, Posyet, Vladivostok, Vostochny, and Zarubino. 

     Land use
     As of 01.04.2024 the Far Eastern Basin Branch uses 157 land plots with the total area of more than 153.9 ha, including 150 land plots on the right of tenant and public easement with the total area of 74.5 ha. The branch also actually uses 7 land plots with the area of 79.4 ha and is preparing right stating documents on them.
     The land plots, used by the Far Eastern Basin Branch, are located in the following seaports:  

  • Vladivostok Seaport – 29 land plots occupying more than 17.9 ha, which makes 3 % of the total seaport area;
  • Vostochny Seaport  – 22 land plots occupying more than 17.4 ha, which makes 4.4 % of the total seaport area;
  • Nakhodka Seaport – 12 land plots occupying more than 12.1 ha, which makes 3.3 % of the total seaport area;
  • Olga Seaport – 2 land plots occupying about 0.6 ha, which makes 1.4 % of the total seaport area;
  • Posyet Seaport – 4 land plots occupying about 1.2 ha, which makes 1.4 % of the total seaport area;
  • Zarubino Seaport – 1 land plot occupying about 0.6 ha, which makes 1.5 % of the total seaport area.


     Land plots, leased by the Far Eastern Basin Branch, belong to following categories of land:

  • settlements' lands;
  • lands of industry, transport energy sector, communications, broadcasting, television, informatics, lands for space activity provisions, defences and security lands, and lands of other special purposes;
  • reserve lands.

     Water use
     As of 01.04.2024 the Far Eastern Basin Branch uses 2 surface water bodies for its activities on the grounds of a water use contract and two decisions on granting of water bodies for use to accommodate floating facilities, and also for construction and reconstruction of hydraulic structures, dredging, blasting, drilling and other work related to changing the bottom and banks of surface water bodies.
     The water bodies used by the Far Eastern Basin Branch are located in the water area of the Japanese Sea.
     The total area of the surface water bodiesused by the branch makes 0.596 sq. km of which: 
  • One water body is used in Vostochny seaport with the total area of 0.066 sq. km, which is 0.1 % of the total seaport water area.