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Vladivostok Seaport Boundaries Expanded

Under the Russian Government Directive No. 2450-r of November 4, 2017, a decision has been taken to expand the seaport of Vladivostok by including plots of land at Cape Otkrytyi and the Bay of Bezzashchitnaya in its boundaries. The plots of land are designed for building a new sea terminal for handling coal with the capacity of 20 million tons per year.

LLC “Port Vera” is performing the construction of the sea terminal.

Under the project, a new coal transshipping complex at Cape Otkrytyi and the Bay of Bezzashchitnaya (Fokino Closed Territorial Unit, Primorsky Territory) is expected to be built to strengthen Russia’s positions on the world coal market and increase coal export to the countries of the Asia Pacific Region.

The new coal terminal will consist of a sea-cargo front, which includes two cargo berths for handling design vessels of CH-150 and CH-60 types, a railway cargo front, including two technological lines, and a rear cargo front, including a warehouse for temporary storage with the capacity of 1.5 million tons, as well as an administration and accommodation zone and a service harbor area. The total space of the berth front will be 675.8 meters.

FSUE “Rosmorport” acts as a project originator to build facilities of federal ownership, including water areas, aids to navigation and vessel tracking management systems. Under the project, the dredging operations are expected to amount to 157.000 cubic meters.

At present, preparatory works are underway. They include road construction works, the works aimed at building a site for a warehouse, and the works on planning a pier site and an assembly line. The construction and installation works are planned to be started in the first quarter of 2018.