North-Western Basin Branch News

North-Western Basin Branch receives operational water area and navigation equipment in the seaport of Vysotsk

On the basis of the Federal State Property Management Committee in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region decree of  15.09.2023 No. 78-343-r and in accordance with the FSUE “Rosmorport” order of 09.10.2023 No. 415, the following facilities in the seaport of Vysotsk were put under the economic control of FSUE “Rosmorport” and placed under management of the North-Western Basin Branch of the enterprise: the operating water area of the technological berth of the natural gas liquefaction plant in the area of Portovaya СS in the seaport of Vysotsk, as well as the navigation equipment consisting of the light beacon “Podveselny” with a height of 12.5 m, the light beacon “Marine shipping terminal Portovy” with a height of 3 m and 24 sea ice buoys.

The underwater hydraulic structure was built under the agreement on cooperation in the implementation of the investment project for the construction of a complex for production, storage and shipment of liquefied natural gas in the area of Portovaya CS of 09.10.2018 No. 889/DO-18 concluded by FSUE “Rosmorport” and Gazprom, PJSC, and was commissioned in September 2022.

The operational water area with a total area of 14.47 hectares (total dredging area of 16.6 hectares) and bottom marks of -14.8 m, located in the western part of Dalnaya Bay in the north-western part of the Gulf of Finland, is designed to perform maneuvers of placement, mooring and rearrangement of design vessels with a length of up to 298 m, draft of up to 12.5 m and width of up to 46.4 m, as well as for placing the above-mentioned design vessels alongside the storage vessel located at the technological berth.

The navigation equipment, in turn, is designed to ensure the navigation safety for vessels on the approaches to Dalnaya Bay and the operational water area, as well as when maneuvering on the approach to the waterside.