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Sports contest was held on the Mir sailboat

On July 9, the sports and athletic contest was held on the upper deck of the sailing training vessel Mir among the cadets of the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping and amateur sailors practicing on the vessel within the frames of thematic program of the project Expeditions under the Sails of the Mir.

Sports competitions were organized at the end of another expedition of trainees, which was held this time in the format of Fathers and Children under Sail in order to strengthen friendly ties, promote an active lifestyle and maintain the glorious traditions of the navy.

The program included pull-ups on the crossbar, push-ups from the floor and tug-of-war.

According to the results of the sports contest, all the prizes in the push-up and pull-up competitions were won by the cadets of the Mir sailboat, showing good physical condition.

A team of cadets against a team of trainees entered the final tug-of-war competitions. The cadets of the Mir sailboat also won in this persistent struggle.

Anyone can participate in expeditions on the Mir sailboat and undergo real ship practice in the Baltic Sea within the framework of the joint project of FSUE "Rosmorport" and Expeditions under Sail of the Mir, LLC, which has been implemented since 2022.

More detailed information on the expeditions planned in 2023 and about the conditions of participation in them can be found on the project page "Expeditions under the Sails of the Mir".