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Cadets and crew of the Mir sailing ship prepare a festive program for the Russia Day

Cadets undergoing sailing practice on the Mir sailing training ship plan to hold a concert and a sports event for the Russia Day. On June 12, the day of the holiday, the trainees will perform musical compositions on saxophone, guitar and even piano on board the Mir sailing ship. Also, a power all-around sports event is planned for this day.

The Mir sailing training ship took on board the cadets of the first shift on April 20, 2023. The vessel sails between St. Petersburg and Baltiysk. Cadets of the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping, including College of SUMIS, and the Volga State University of Water Transport undergo sailing practice on board the vessel. The main purpose of the practice is to introduce trainees to the basics of their future profession. Along with deck work, setting and cleaning of sails, rigging, cadets learn the basics of GMDSS and the principles of working with technical means of navigation.

Working with sailing equipment is one of the important parts of the training. With the permission of the deck officer and under the guidance of the boatswains, the cadets climb onto the yards and carry out the necessary actions, gaining more and more experience and confidence time after time. Cadets keep watch in any weather. On May 31, when approaching the seaport of Kaliningrad in Baltiysk, due to the features of the fairway, which has a relatively shallow depth, and strong wind, rather strong pitching was felt on the vessel. However, the cadets were able to cope with seasickness and complete their tasks, in particular setting sails, on time.

During the navigation practice, the cadets were able to visit the navigation bridge: the second deck officer gave them a tour, told them about the purpose of navigation equipment, explained how to use electronic maps, how to establish communication with other vessels, and introduced them to emergency rescue equipment.

The first shift will last until June 26, and on June 27, the Mir sailing ship will take on board a new round of cadets.