North-Western Basin Branch News

The North-Western Basin Branch begins to provide the services of the captain's advisors in the Kaliningrad Seaport

FSUE “Rosmorport” North-Western Basin Branch began providing to all interested organizations services of captain's advisors on a contractual basis to issue recommendations and advice to captains of vessels in ensuring navigation and environmental safety of cargo transshipment from vessel to vessel in anchorage areas No. 68 and No. 68b on the roadstead of the Kaliningrad Seaport.

The captain's advisors were selected by the North-Western Basin Branch from among the most professional pilots of the Branch.

This service, according to the North-Western Basin Branch, will be in demand by the captains of vessels carrying out loading and unloading operations in the area of anchorages of the seaport of Kaliningrad, as in such operations it is necessary to know and take into account the local navigation situation in order to ensure the safety of navigation when carrying out cargo operations in open water area.

For more information on the procedure and conditions for the services of the captain's advisors provision by the North-Western Basin Branch in the Kaliningrad Seaport, see the section “Captain's Advisors Services of the North-Western Basin Branch”.