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North-Western Basin Branch takes part in celebrations marking the 155th anniversary of the Kronshtadt port pilot service

On August 30, 2019 the FSUE “Rosmorport” North-Western Basin Branch took part in solemn events devoted to the 155th anniversary of the creation of the pilot service of the Kronshtadt port.

During the celebrations, wreaths have been laid in the cemetery in the Pilot Settlement – a facility of maritime heritage. Three thematic walking tours have been organized. Documentaries based on memories of descendants of pilot dynasties have been demonstrated at the conference hall of the Pilot Assembly building. Their family archives have been exhibited.

The solemn event involved personnel of the pilot service of the North-Western Basin Branch and other pilot organizations of the seaport of Big Port St Petersburg, veterans of pilotage service, representatives of the public and descendants of pilot dynasties.

The participants in the meeting relived certain experiences and exchanged views on prospects for pilotage in Russia, discussed issues to organize necessary events for maintaining and keeping the Pilot Settlement.

For reference

The Pilot Settlement is the only extant facility of maritime heritage – artifact of Russia’s pilot service history, the rare material proof of the state’s successful policy in the water area of the Baltic Sea and coastal territories in the 19th century.

The Pilot Settlement located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland in the settlement of Lebyazhye has fully kept corporate culture and the way of life of pilots of the time from the date of its foundation on August 30, 1864 to the present day.

The first 15 houses in the Pilot Settlement were built in 1867 using loan assets provided by the state to the corporation for three years to develop and carve out a life.

The settlement consisted of similar yellow-colored houses with red roofs. Around the house there was a small plot of land. Landlords had to keep the house and the plot of land in order.

Kronshtadt pilots who lived in this settlement made pilotage of vessels from the Tolbukhin lighthouse to the Kronshtadt Harbor, then to Petersburg and back.