North-Western Basin Branch News

North-Western Basin Branch fleet replenishment

Pursuant to the work completion and acceptance certificate the Rabochaya self-propelled hopper with the hold quantity of 916 cubic meters was assigned to the FSUE “Rosmorport” North-Western Basin Branch.

The Rabochaya self-propelled hopper of project HB 900 built by the Onezhsky Shipbuilding and Ship-Repairing Plant in June 2019 by the order of the enterprise has become the 5th vessel of the technical and dredging fleet that the North-Western Basin Branch possesses at the moment and the 63rd vessel within the entire fleet of the branch.

The hopper is designed for transporting ground from dredgers to landing sites while carrying out dredging operations as part of dredging convoys with scoop and pipeline dredges. This is the single-deck vessel with the module aft superstructure. The hopper is equipped with the bottom opening system. Two main engines are placed on the open deck in the after part of the ship with protecting covers that operatively allows for servicing them and the aggregate replacement of mechanisms. Two screw-rudders with a possibility to regulate the depth of the screw are placed outboard and it helps raise screws out of the water for maintenance and repair afloat without docking the vessel.

In 2019 the North-Western Basin Branch is planning to use the Rabochaya hopper in the seaport of Ust Luga while carrying out dredging operations in the water area of the seaport.

The vessel’s key particulars:

Vessel class:
КМ  Ice1 R3-RSN AUT3 Hopper
Total length, m:
Total width, m:
Hull height, m:
Freeboard draft, m:

Hopper scope for the coaming    
gunnel, cbm

Gross capacity, t/h:
Speed, knots:
Engine power, kW:    
2 x 368 kW
Crew, people:

Endurance by water and food

reserves, days: