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North-Western Basin Branch fleet replenishment

In June 2018 the North-Western Basin Branch fleet was replenished with a new small vessel – an airboat of Dvina-2KC Project.

This vessel has been built by LLC “PT Promstroyresurs” by the order of FSUE “Rosmorport”.

The airboat became the 12th vessel of navigational aids that the North-Western Basin Branch possesses of and the 62nd ship of the whole fleet of the Branch.

Modern electric and radio navigational equipment has been installed aboard the vessel. This equipment will allow for carrying out works to service aids to navigation in the water area of the seaport of Ust Luga. Moreover, the vessel is equipped with an autonomous air heating unit to ensure heating of the airboat’s cabin in low temperature conditions and an electric hoist with tow force of 1.5 tons to ensure possible self-lifting of the vessel onto the tow for transportation.

The airboat of Dvina-2KC Project is a   universal transport to be used in all seasons. It has qualities of off-road vehicles. Its distinctive feature is being able to be used for work between seasons, during ice motions and landfast ice. The vessel has good maneuverability that allows for overcoming ice belts, moving in deep snow, ice, and ice brush, as well as on the water, shallow water, inner harbors, and coastal areas of seas between seasons. During the ice motion, the airboat is capable of moving down opened rivers, overcome marshy areas during floods and go through bars during the draught, move on the grass, reed and any other sections of the ground that are not too relief.

In order to ensure mobility the airboat will be transported to the site of the works with the aid of a special truck trailer, which is included into the contents of delivery.

After necessary approval documents are received in the third quarter of 2018 the airboat will be used by the North-Western Basin Branch to service aids to navigation in the water area of the seaport of Ust Luga.

Key particulars of the vessel:

Navigation area difficulty category

IV category IV;  
Total length:
7.0 m;
Total breadth:
2.23 m;
Hull height:
0.6 m;
800 kg;
on water – up to 60 km/h,
on snow – up to 80 km/h;

Power of the main

propulsion system:

220 kW;
12-24 hours
1 person;
Passenger capacity:  8 people