Sakhalin Branch Structure

Pilotage Service
VTS Service

Navigational Survey Support Service

- Maintenance Park (for aids to navigation)

- Sounding Party

Communications, Electric Radio Navigation and Information Technologies

- Communications Control Center in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

- Receiving Radio Center No 1 in Nevelsk

Water Area Observation Department

Port Activities Department
Shipboard Personnel

Group of Instructors

Berths A-E Coastal Subdivision

Capital Construction and Repair Department

Energy Saving Sector

Environmental Protection Sector
Financial and Economic Department
Legal Sector
State Property Management Sector
Procurement Sector
Security Department
Special Subdivision

Mobilization Training, Civil Defense and Emergencies Sector

Human Resource Sector

Safety Protection Sector

Logistics Department
Administrative Office
North Subdivision
North-West Subdivision
Kholmsk Subdivision

     - Pilotage Service Department of Kholmsk