VTS Services

1. General information 
2. The VTS Sochi coverage area

3. The VTS Sochi services terms and conditions

4. Statistics

5. Contacts


     1. General information 

     The Sochi Branch renders complex navigational services using Vessel Traffic System (VTS) in the seaport of Sochi to vessels calling at the seaport of Sochi or transiting through its waters. 

     The Sochi VTS meets all modern requirements and functions in order to improve maritime safety, efficiency of navigation, safety of life at sea, protection of the marine environment and the coast of the Black Sea in the waters of the seaport of Sochi and its approaches. 

      The structure of the VTS Sochi comprises:

       - the control center of the VTS of the port of Sochi;
       - radar post No. 1 (hereinafter – RP No1);
       - radar post No. 2 (hereinafter – RP No 2).

     Using the VTS Sochi, the Branch carries out the following activities: 

       - control over the navigation and vessel location in the seaport of Sochi anchoring areas; 
       - transmission of navigational, current and other information; 

       - organization of the movement of vessels;
       - navigation assistance.

     According to the examination of the Federal Service for Supervision of Transport, the Sochi branch has acquired the Certificate No VTS-3/1-3037-2017 of July 17, 2017 on the compliance of VTS Sochi with the requirements to the second-grade category VTS stipulated in the IMO А.857(20) Resolution and Order of the Ministry of Transport of Russia No 226 of July 23, 2015

     The Sochi VTS operates 24 hours. 
     The operating personnel of the Sochi VTS consist of 10 professionals certificated in accordance to the IALA V-103 Recommendations. 

  Схема района действия СУДС морского порта Сочи    2. The VTS Sochi coverage area 

     The boundaries of VTS Sochi coverage area are set in the Compulsory Regulations in the seaport of Sochi approved by Order of the Ministry of Transport of Russia No 404 of October 03, 2017

     The area of VTS Sochi includes a water area limited by the lines connecting the points:

     Latitude = 43°34,7’N, Longitude = 39°42,9’E – the light of the Southern Breakwater;

     Latitude = 43°37,0’N, Longitude = 39°40,1’E;

     Latitude = 43°34,2’N, Longitude = 39°36,1’E;

     Latitude = 43°19,4’N, Longitude = 39°55,2’E;

     Latitude = 43°22,8’N, Longitude = 39°58,8’E;

     Latitude = 43°24,9’N, Longitude = 39°55,5’E – RP No 2 in the Cargo Area;

     Latitude = 43°28,0’N, Longitude = 39°52,5’E, including the water area of the Inner Harbor, the Cruise Harbor and the Cargo Area.

     Guaranteed service and steady pilotage of vessels having an effective reflection surface of 70 square meters and more have been made in the area of VTS Sochi. Reliable VHF radio contacts are being maintained and radar monitoring is being provided. The working zone of coastal stations of the automation identification system (AIS) fully covers the area of VTS Sochi.

     3. The VTSSochi services terms and conditions 

     The navigation services using the VTS Sochi are provided by the Sochi Branch in accordance with resolution of International Maritime Organization A.857 (20), General Rules of navigation and anchorage in the Russian Federation seaports and on the approaches to them, approved by Order of the Ministry of Transport of Russia No. 140 dated 20.08.2009 and Compulsory Regulations in the seaport of Sochi, approved by Order of the Ministry of Transport of Russia No 404 of October 03, 2017

     All ships and vessels equipped with radio communications of the maritime mobile service, regardless of their departmental affiliation and forms of ownership, which are in the area of ​​the VTS Sochi, must comply with the rules of navigation in the area of ​​the VTS Sochi.


     The regulatory approval order of vessels movement has been established in the area of VTS Sochi.

     The entering of vessels into / the exit from the area of VTS Sochi is performed just upon receiving a permit from an operator of VTS Sochi.

     When entering the area of VTS Sochi a vessel conveys following data to VTS Sochi:

      - the number assigned to the vessel by the International Maritime Organization;

      - the name and type of the vessel;

      - the number of the vessel assigned by the maritime mobile service;

      - nationality of the vessel (the flag);

      - a port of destination;

      - maximum valid draft of the vessel;

      - the type and quantity of a cargo, the existence of dangerous cargoes and the class of hazard;

      - the number of crew members and passengers on the vessel;

      - the existence of malfunction of shipboard technical aids and other restrictions affecting navigation safety;

      - other information at the request of an operator of VTS Sochi.

      Five minutes before unberthing or weighing of any vessel being in the area of VTS Sochi a captain of the vessel should obtain a permit from VTS Sochi to start movement. The permit is annulled and should be obtained again if the vessel does not start permitted actions within 30 minutes.

     Providing ships with navigational, operational and other information is executed by VTS Sochi at the request of a vessel or on the orders of the captain of the seaport of Sochi, when changes in navigation conditions take place or are planned, upon receipt of a storm warning, which may affect the safety of navigation in the VTS Sochi port’s coverage area.


     Assistance in navigation (navigation assistance) is provided to a vessel at the request of the vessel or by the decision of the operator of the VTS Sochi primarily in complex meteorological conditions, in case of incapacitation or absence of onboard instruments to ensure safe movement of the vessel in the navigation environment. While assisting in navigation the VTS Sochi errors in automatic tracking of targets are as follows:

       • for bearing: ± 0,5º;
       • for distance: 25 m;
       • for course: ± 1,3º;
       • for speed: ± 0,13 knots.


     The procedure and method to assist in navigation, including messaging interval, is agreed with the vessel. Beginning and end of the assistance in navigation must be confirmed by both parties. In assisting in navigation, vessel must acknowledge receipt information and advice from the VTS Sochi and report on actions taken.

     Regulation of vessel traffic is performed by VTS Sochi by means of sending to ships recommendations for:

       - sequence and the start time of the movement;
       - route, interval and speed of movement;
       - the order of passing ships fairways and intersections;
       - ban on the further movement;
       - anchorage or shelter;
       - actions to prevent immediate danger.
      Information transmitted from VTS of the port of Sochi to vessel includes particulars of:
       - state aids to navigation;
       - hydro meteorological conditions;
       - state of navigation and the factors that hinder the movement of vessels (if any);
       - changes in the traffic mode (if available);
       - modes of operation of the VTS of the port of Sochi .


     The main interface between VTS Sochi and vessels serviced by it is radio communication in the range of VHF maritime mobile service.

     The VTS Sochi maintains contact with vessels in the area of VTS Sochi on VHF Channel 14 (VHF Channel 68 is a standby channel) with the call signal “Sochi-Traffic-Control”.

     Vessels calling at the Cruise Harbor and the Inner Harbor of the water area of the seaport of Sochi and leaving them request permission on VHF Channel 11 with the call signal “Sochi-Traffic-Control”.


     VHF channels of radio communication and radio call sign of subscribers used to ensure safety of navigation in VTS of the seaport of Sochi coverage area


Name of the service

VHF channel

Call sign




VTS of the seaport of Sochi of the FSUE “Rosmorport” Sochi Branch

14, 11


Sochi-Traffic -Control

+7 (8622) 62-16-23
(within 24 hours)

Port state control inspection of the FGBI “AMP Black Sea” Branch in the seaport of Sochi




+7 (8622) 62-07-04

     Radiowatch must be held continuously from the date of permission request for the movement and until the end of the movement or exit from VTS of the seaport of Sochi coverage area.
     Break of communications is permitted only by VTS Sochi operator after the end of the movement (anchorage or berth) or after leaving the VTS Sochi coverage area.


     Maintaining radio communications not related to safety of navigation on channels 9, 11, 14, 16, 17, 68, and 74 VHF in the seaport of Sochi is not allowed.
     The communication between the VTS Sochi and the vessels is performed in accordance with the Rules of the radio communication maritime mobile service and the maritime mobile satellite service of the Russian Federation, approved by the Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation Order No. 137 dated 04.11.2000. For the radio communication with the vessels used English with the IMO “Standard phrases for Marine radio “, approved by Resolution A.918 (22). Sending messages from vessels in VTS of the seaport of Sochi and the message format should, where possible, meet the IMO Resolution A.851 (20) “General Principles for Vessel Reporting Systems and Vessel Reporting Requirements”.


     For providing navigation services with use VTS of the seaport of Sochi navigation dues are levied. Information on the rates of navigation dues and the procedure for their collection can be found in section “Harbor Dues and Tariffs of the Sochi Branch”.

     4. Statistics 

     Number of ships in the VTS coverage area of the Sochi Seaport



Total number of vessels
in the VTS coverage area
of the Sochi Seaport

Including vessels making port calls/exits to/from Sochi Seaport


18 654

18 591


21 809

21 734


26 192

26 087


24 789

24 576


22 641

22 394


25 633

25 503


53 313

53 167


73 780

73 652

2017  114 977 114 813 

     5. Contacts 

     For more information about the services of VTS Sochi provided by the Sochi Branch, please call:

     +7 (8622) 62-16-23 (round-the-clock) 

     or send a request by fax: +7 (8622) 66-98-07 or by e-mail: vts@soc.rosmorport.